Fortunately, the marketplace of life insurance policies for those living with HIV or AIDS has improved tremendously over the last 10-15 years. At times in the not too distant past, it was virtually impossible to put in force a full life insurance policy for individuals diagnosed as having HIV or AIDS. However, thanks to advances in the medical industry and the competitive nature of the insurance marketplace, more and more life insurance options are becoming available for those living with HIV and Aids. If you have been diagnosed with HIV and you want life insurance to help protect your family financially, making sure you work with an independent organization with access to the entire marketplace of options is critical.

The primary option that exists for individuals with diagnosed conditions such as HIV or Aids, or for those who have been rejected from coverage in the past by traditional life insurance companies, is what is referred to as a Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Policy. Guaranteed Issue life insurance is a policy that can be put in force without any health questions asked. It offers full whole life insurance coverage, with a tax-free death benefit that would be left to the beneficiary (or beneficiaries) of your choosing. The only caveat with these policies is that there is a two-year graded benefit period when the policy is first issued, meaning that if the insured passes away within the first two years of initiating the policy then the death benefit will be reduced to 110-120% of the premiums paid in. This still guarantees a substantial positive return on any money put into the policy, so there is no way that your beneficiaries could receive less than you had put into the policy in that first two year span. Once the policy is in force for two years and one day, the full face amount of the policy becomes active as the death benefit that would be left to the beneficiaries. Any type of accidental death at any point in the life of the policy, including the first two years, triggers the full face amount of the policy as the death benefit. This type of policy can be issued and in force within just a few days and the minimum age to apply is usually 40 or 45 with most companies.

While a death benefit plan like this is almost always the best possible option, there are number of different companies that offer this type of policy, so it is still very important to make sure you have access to the pricing from the entire marketplace to make sure you are getting the absolute most coverage for your money. Fortunately, this is what Optavise specializes in helping you do.

As an independent technology-based brokerage that scans the entire marketplace for the best prices, we have created the most user friendly online service, designed for individual purchasers just like you, to easily and clearly identify, understand, and secure the absolute best policy for you and your children.

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